Mission Overview

AMERCANEX was founded with the sole-purpose to ensure a completely transparent, neutral and non-manipulated marketplace for institutional cannabis industry participants while strictly adhering-to and centralizing regulatory and reporting requirements to local & regional regulatory authority.

Real-World, Real-Time Need Gap Solutions

We understand that in order for this industry to succeed, regulators will need an effective system to monitor, regulate, and collect revenue from intra-state industry producers and retail outlets. Today’s available systems and current instruments do not effectively meet the growing needs, nor will be able to sustain the influx of participants and  product/transaction volume in the very near future. Amercanex offers a cutting edge infrastructure, tools and need based solutions predicated on state of the art technology and real world experience

Revolutionary ECM

Amercanex brings the powerful benefits of a regulated, transparent ECM structure to the Wholesale Cannabis Industry. These benefits include full transparent pricing, centralized price discovery, direct market access, instantaneous order execution on live, streaming prices and robust real-time regulatory reporting and reference data for wholesale producers and market distributors. Amercanex ECM model provides full market transparency and greater control of the buy/sell process, enabling better pricing, full regulatory reporting and lower costs. These capabilities and other Amercanex features are revolutionary and will continue to set the Amercanex marketplace apart from others. Amercanex’s intuitive ‘ACE Marketplace’ offers benefits to all market participants which will result in its growth into the top rank of e-commerce platforms in this growing Industry.

Why Amercanex?

Amercanex, the first ECM for the institutional wholesale Cannabis Market, will set the standard in marketplace efficiency, regulatory reporting and innovative technology.


  • Diverse client base of market participants
  • True price competition
  • Tailored solutions to suit client needs
  • Comprehensive suite of tools for order monitoring and regulatory reporting
  • Complete access over the Internet with fully managed Infrastructure
  • Flexible real-time and historical market data
  • 24-hour client service and support

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