Brand Joint

Brand Joint is the brainchild of Jennifer Culpepper, founder of branding agency Peppermill Projects. With over 20 year of branding experience, she saw a unique need for brand strategy and quality design in the explosively-growing cannabis industry.

The craft beer industry is a perfect example. When microbrews started showing up in stores, what differentiated craft from big beer was not only style selection, but artistic and creative packaging. Now, as craft beer floods the shelves, a strong brand and good packaging design is essentially a requisite for brewery success. Brand Joint sees the same trajectory in the future of cannabis. Those that understand the value of good design will be the early leaders in the market.

The goal of our creative team is to change the perceptions of marijuana use and user by designing authentic brands for high-quality cannabis products and services. We understand that the stereotypical “stoner” doesn’t resonate with many cannabis enthusiasts, especially medical marijuana patients. Brand Joint helps to identify your niche audience, understand what they value, and design a brand experience that speaks to them.

If you’d like to see some of the brands we’ve designed, check out our work at Peppermill Projects.

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