Ganja Capital Advisors

A collection of professional, accomplished advisors with decades of combined experience in financial services and business consulting. Born out of the desire to bring legitimacy, accountability, and timely results to cannabis business owners in the areas of insurance, concierge financial services & capital introduction preparation. We specialize in tailored solutions for cannabis businesses, their owners & employees.

Our mantra is Ganja Fidere:
Ganja is the ancient Sanskrit word for Hemp OR Sativa Cannabis;
Fidere is the latin root of Fiduciary or To Trust.
Loosely translated to ‘In Ganja We Trust’.

At Ganja Capital Advisors we like to think of ourselves as believers in and followers of the late great crusader of the hemp movement Jack Herer:
Medicine, Food, Fiber & Fuel for all!

We say it’s time to add Financial Freedom for all! To the list of endless benefits, this godsend of a plant can provide us.

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