Gobi Analytical

Gobi Analytical uses advanced and specialized instrumentation and methods specifically developed for testing cannabis products. We offer certified testing for potency, homogeneity, residual solvents, and microbials. Additionally, we offer testing for pesticides/fungicides, terpene panels, pH, and much more. Included in our potency testing is the quantification of ten cannabinoids: CBDV, CBGA, CBDA, CBG, CBD, THCV, CBN, Delta-9 THC, CBC, and THCA. Our methods are validated for selectivity, linearity, precision, and accuracy through experimental design and statistical analysis. Gobi Analytical Inc. is an independent professional testing laboratory committed to providing cost effective analytical services to companies with a wide range of retail cannabis products. Our mission is to deliver the most scientifically reliable and accurate testing results, analytical support, and consulting services to our clients to ensure the safe use and responsible commerce of legally marketed cannabis products.

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