Greenhouse Ventures

Greenhouse Ventures LLC is a business accelerator specific to ancillary startups in the cannabis industry. Our mission is to assist in building a successful and sustainable cannabis industry by accelerating the growth of startups that service the industry. Ancillary startups seeking up to $2,000,000 in seed or growth capital are accepted into the accelerator program. Ancillary product and services that are accepted include, but are not limited to: software, technology, hydroponics, growing equipment, paraphernalia, and packaging.

Greenhouse Ventures selectively seeks entrepreneurs who have a track record of success, a great idea, and an executable strategy. We bring to the table a network of industry experts, serial entrepreneurs, angel investors, and an average of $60,000 in professional services during the course of a typical engagement. Entrepreneurs that are accepted into an accelerator are positioned to enter a new brand into the marketplace and to raise their first round of capital within 12 months after Demo Day. Greenhouse Ventures takes an average of 5% equity in each venture in the form of non-voting common stock.

Greenhouse Ventures operates two accelerator semesters per year in Philadelphia beginning in February and September.

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