Northwest Marijuana Law

Northwest Marijuana Law has been working with clients on legal marijuana issues from the  beginning of this budding industry. NWMJ Law is an experienced and comprehensive cannabis law firm. It is exciting to have that kind of experience under our belts in such a new industry. Our clients benefit from our early experience making sure you do not pay for someone’s learning curve. Serving producers, processors, retailers, dispensaries, and ancillary cannabis businesses; we do more than just provide contracts and paperwork. We can assist you in navigating through medical and recreational marijuana laws, as well as the local city and county rules applicable to your location. The scope of our services covers the things your business needs to grow and succeed.We are the legal equivalent of primary care physicians. We work hard to help your company grow strong and healthy, avoiding foreseeable problems, disputes, or lawsuits. We do this by regularly monitoring risk factors, changes in laws and rules, understanding the expectations of the half dozen agencies that monitor every aspect of your company, and working with your company to help you decide the best course of action in this highly regulated industry.

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