Rainier Distillers

Hello, from Yelm, Washington! My Name is Anthony Zaca. Rainier Distillers is the name of my company started in 2009 with my friends here. We hand make and sell Copper Stills from small to large. I call it “The Alchemist” Moonshine Copper Still. It really does everything.

​I specialize in distillation of everything. Ethanol, Vodka, Rum, Whiskey, Moonshine, Essential Oils, Plants, Water and Cannabis. I work with micro distilleries and also have the alcohol fuel permit for ethanol. Also my moonshine still can infuse alcohol with herbs to make tinctures or flavored beverage. We have a bestseller Essential Oil Still. We also have the “The Witch” Cannabis / Marijuana / Herbal Extraction Still for sale. We also make custom boilers and sell home distilling and brewing supplies. We have set up micro distilleries as well. We have our Federal Alcohol Fuel Permit and have helped many with the application. Free advice always available.

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